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Reposting – The 5 P’s of Social Commerce

Welcome to the new WordPress Blog from Milyoni.  We are starting 2010 with a greatest hit from 2009, which will kick off the complete series over the next couple of weeks.

There is no question that every company, large and small, needs to embrace the power of social networks. Since we have moved pass the IF stage, we must figure out the HOW.

This series will discuss how to create a professional and effective social networking presence, but more importantly migrate it from simply another marketing vehicle to a successful and engaging commerce channel.
Many companies jump right into social networking, setting up a fan page on Facebook or starting a Twitter account, but before getting started (or perhaps after you have already started and still are not sure what to do).  The 5 P’s of social media are a roadmap to get you jumpstarted.

  • Purpose: Defining the reasons and objectives of engaging in the social web
  • Presence: Placing brand appropriate content on social networks, blogs and member communities
  • Participation: Creating the editorial voice and interaction that gets customers involved in the social experience
  • Purchase: Transforming social networking into social commerce
  • Performance: Reviewing analytics to improve the customer experience and response

Over the next few posts we go through each of these steps in detail and help you build a roadmap to improve and monetize your current social media strategy.

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