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Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

There is no confusion, it’s bubble diffusion, and Compost Tea you know!

OK Excuse the feeble prose, but it accurately describes our newest client – Growing Solutions

Growing Solutions, Incorporated develops and distributes products related to sustainable agriculture. They offer systems used worldwide to produce crops without environmental harm. They specialize in compost tea equipment—including a patented Compost Tea System—appropriate for a wide range of uses.

From home gardeners to commercial greenhouse growers, and small organic farms to municipal greenways, liquid compost extract, or Compost Tea—made with Growing Solutions Compost Tea Systems—is in use around the world as an organic alternative to chemical fertilizers.

Growing Solutions uses facebook to interact with their passionate fan base to educate, inform and even entertain.  By putting a Milyoni ifanstore on their page, they also offer an instant way for their consumers to buy, continuing their history of using emerging technology to find new markets and uses. (http://facebook.com/growingsolutions)

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