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Social Media Strategy Part III – Participation

How do you measure fan engagement?  Or maybe the better question is “do” you measure fan engagement?

The level to which your fans engage with your brand is a clear indicator of how effectively you are at using social media to promote your brand, your products and your messages.

The number of comments, wall posts and likes all drive the “Passion Factor” that leads to strong customer engagement.

This also helps to determine the type of content, the effectiveness of your voice and the relevance of your message.  Do your customers flock to funny videos, but miss your marketing messages?  Are the inspirational quotes from the CEO strongly retweeted, but your best 140 character discount offer dissipates into the twitterverse (or most likely the other way around).

Understanding what resonates with your customers, fans and followers is critical to not only ensuring strong participation, but more importantly it inspires the viral promotion of your brand.

We have found that there are 3 I’s that draw a million eyes eagerly and often:

  • Interest – the content you provide must be relevant to the fans you have attracted.  Context and timeliness are critical to keeping fans engaged.  If people have signed up to get discounts and special offers, they are not going to be impressed with polls and company pictures.
  • Integrity – the posts, content and messages must be sincere.  The quality of the content is critical.  When you post pictures use high quality artwork.  Provide links that encourage social activities and sharing.  Your customers have shown enough enthusiasm to follow your presence and that should be rewarded with respect and relevance.
  • Individuality – A voice, a spirit, a character that captures the essence of your purpose and your presence on Facebook, Twitter or any other member community in which you are engaged.  Social networks are people connecting with people, even when the people are a multi-billion dollar corporation, a local shop or anything in-between.

There is nothing wrong with marketing your products, your brand and your company.  And when you do it with Interest, Integrity and Individuality you will create a passion factor that will keep your customers coming back for more.

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