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For Facebook Page Administrators: Removing unwanted content

Administering a Facebook page is an important responsibility.  You have the opportunity to build a community and drive engaging content.  A well run fan page takes on a life of its own as the participants start to provide their own content and add to the energy of the page.

But what do you do when the conversation gets out of hand, or someone tries to hijack your page?

Facebook provides several tools for managing the content on the wall and fans following the page:

  1. Remove an unwanted post:  Move your cursor over the unwanted post and move it to the top right hand corner and a remove button will appear.  Click the button and the unwanted post will be taken off your wall.
  2. Flag a post:  This does not immediately remove an unwanted post from the wall, but it does hide it from your view and if the post violates Facebook policy, then they will remove the post and potentially the profile if they violate enough rules.
  3. Remove a Fan: If you have a fan that is consistently disruptive or that you believe is harmful to the community and your brand, you can remove the profile by clicking on the “See All” link on the box that shows how many people like this page.  This will bring up a list of all the people that can post on the page.  Click the “X” and that will remove the profile from your page.  This is a temporary solution, if you want to remove the person permanently… then see option 4.
  4. Report / Block a profile: If someone has posted something on your page and you would like to have them permanently removed, click to their profile where you can click on the “Report/Block this Person”.  This will block this person from your page, and potentially have them removed from Facebook all together.

Of course you can avoid all trouble by changing your settings to disable fans from posting on the wall, but by definition, that will kill your community.

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