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Milyoni Rockets Past 13 Million Fans in its Social Commerce Network

September 15, 2010 — Milyoni, Inc., the leader in social commerce for Facebook, announced today that Conversational Commerce™ now has a reach of over 13 Million fans in its Social Commerce Network. Fans from over 40 customers contribute to this fan base including big brands like the NBA, UFC, HBO & The Onion, each with over a million fans that follow their brand on Facebook. Small companies can also benefit from the innovation in social commerce as specialty brands like Equator Coffee, Cowgirl, Coco Delice each have launched an iFanStore from Milyoni to convert their passionate fans into viral promoters and repeat customers through the ever expanding Facebook network.

With over 500 million people and growing, Facebook has become the number one destination on the Internet. “Location, Location, Location are the first three rules of retail” said John Corpus, Co-Founder and CEO of Milyoni. “Every serious direct merchant and retailer is seeking a strategy and a solution to tap the potential of Facebook. Conversational Commerce™ is Milyoni’s highly innovative response to this explosive market demand.”

The Conversational Commerce™ platform is rich in innovation that exploit the unique characteristics of social commerce:

1. Contextual Storefront: allow merchants to tailor the product mix seen by a consumer base on their Facebook Profile. A female, age 45, living in Chicago sees a product mix totally different than a male, age 22, living in San Diego.
2. Social Merchandising: a set of tools for merchants to conveniently create multi-media posts (image, audio, video) with relevant product links. Customers can also like product, share their opinions, and expand the reach of your product promotions into their Facebook community. Milyoni makes it easier to go viral.
3. Feature Showcase: The most convenient approach for fans to buy on Facebook. The Feature Showcase, contains 3 to 5 items, that are posted on the wall by merchants and fans never leave the wall to complete the purchase.
4. Secure Order Processing: Milyoni operates within the Facebook environment, from product selection to payment processing, the consumer never opens another browser window where conversions are low and conversations are lost.
5. Flexible Fulfillment: Milyoni works with several fulfillment systems, from small shops that rely on email notifications to big operations with automated integration to products, inventory and order processing.

These innovations and others have catapulted Milyoni into the leading Social Commerce solution in the market. The top reasons direct merchants and retailers have selected Milyoni has their partner for Social Commerce include:

  • Compelling Vision of Social Commerce and its future
  • Most Innovate Approach to Selling on Facebook
  • Very Cost Effective – delivers the best ROI in Social Media
  • Speed of Implementation – usually in days, not weeks or months
  • Fan Engagement – using conversational images, audio and video-based posts
  • Integration into existing fulfillment operations
  • Native Facebook Experience – the conversational tone and feel of Facebook
  • Administrative Control – the merchant owns and manages their shop
  • Experienced Team – deep in retail, technology and internet experience
  • A Secure and Scalable Platform – that will evolve at Internet Speed
  • To learn more about Milyoni, Conversational Commerce™, or the latest innovations in Social Merchandising please visit us at www.milyoni.com.

    About Milyoni
    Milyoni, Inc., based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is the developer of a new Facebook app that marries social networking with ecommerce. With over 500 million users and the number one destination on the web, Facebook offers a new opportunity to extend customer loyalty and increase revenue. Milyoni has seized the opportunity by creating the first shopping cart that operates entirely within Facebook, from product selection to secure payment, and introduced the most innovative suite of social merchandising tools that help convert fans into customers. We call it Conversational Commerce® and it delivers the best ROI in social media. Milyoni iFanStore and Social Merchandising tools reach over 13 million fans from several customers including the NBA, UFC, HBO, The Onion, John Elway and more. Visit us at www.milyoni.com

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