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Congrats to a social media pioneer – John Elway

One of the headlines in sports pages over the past few days has been John Elway and his use of twitter to keep interested fans up to date on the latest news from the Broncos’ front office.  Including coaching interviews, QB Tebow and more.   The use of twitter is being universally recognized as a surprising but welcoming breakthrough in communications between NFL teams and their die-hard fans.

The use of twitter was no surprise to us here at Milyoni.  John Elway was one of our very first customers here at Milyoni. We are software company that helps merchants create stores within Facebook.  He put his memorabilia store on Facebook last March and has been selling everything from Helmets and Jersey’s to Bobbleheads.  During that period of time, his fan base grew from 13,000 fans to over 118,000 fans today.   Last Memorial Day, John even used use Facebook page to raise funds for firefighters, police officers and those in the military that risk their lives for our nation.   His spirited fans responded generously.

As a start-up, we are grateful to John Elway and The Novo Agency that represents him for pioneering social commerce with us.  It has been a great experience for us and hopefully a fun experience for his loyal fan base.

Go Broncos!


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