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Widespread Panic to hit Facebook

Milyoni is excited to work with Widespread Panic and Austin City Limits Live to host the first live pay-per-view concert on Facebook using our new Social Theater Live Solution.

We first began talking to Austin City Limits as SXSW back in March.  We got a tour of the fantastic new Moody Theater facilities and our imaginations were ignited.   After a couple of great discussions about how best to tap the potential of Facebook for Austin City Limits, we decided to go for a Live Concert that would create a shared experience for fans.   Widespread Panic, a longtime ACL fan favorite, agreed to be the first to stream a live concert from Moody Theater and the race was on to make this happen.   Today we open up the ticket windows for fans that want to watch the show on Jun 14th or 15th.

Over the next few weeks Milyoni will work with ACL Live and a great group of platform partners to put on a great live show on Facebook.  Those partners include Adobe, PayPal, Symantec, Heroku and Kulabyte.  They are also sponsoring this live event as well.   For just 50 Facebook Credits ($5), you can watch a great American Jam band…four hours worth!…and be an active participant.   Click here to RSVP or Pay in Advance.

Stay tuned over the next 10 days as we continue to build “Social Theater Live” to create the best shared experience on Facebook possible.



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