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A Social Media Celebration

Just a few days before commemorating Independence Day, the business world celebrates a slightly newer revolutionary holiday. Yesterday was Social Media Day, created to observe the importance of social media in the business world and in consumer life. Today we celebrate social media’s impact.

Companies like Lululemon Athletica are showing support for this advance in technology by posting Facebook photos of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube inspired cupcakes.

The rest of the world is celebrating by staying connected and staying social. According to Mashable the new celebration has accumulated “1,419 Meetups with more than 8,500 attendees on six continents.” Apparently, those in all corners of the globe are hopping on the social media bullet train.

Over the last few years, business has become more and more social. Facebook, Twitter and more recently, f-commerce have forever changed the way consumers consume and the way marketers market. Instead of traditional marketing campaigns, companies are making the shift to market on social sites and taking advantage of the fact that people are natural endorsers. If they love a product they will tell their friends. Social media gives happy consumers a platform from which to endorse their favorite products and share them with their networks. The effects are viral.

More changes are head with the emergence of f-commerce by bringing retail, movies and even live concerts to the social scene.

Happy Social Media Day!

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