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F-Commerce Meets Consumer Powered Conservation

Milyoni, and Wildlife Works, last week announced the launch of a new retail model that uses the power of Facebook to enable consumers to offset their travel, home use and personal lifestyle events that contribute to global warming. The Milyoni-powered Wildlife Works Facebook store-front allows consumers to easily offset their carbon footprints as well as purchase carbon neutral apparel.

CEO of Milyoni, John Corpus explained, “We are especially proud to work with a company that is reducing emissions and doing something socially and environmentally impactful on a global scale.”

Founded in 1997, Wildlife Works Inc. serves the environment having built a low-emissions factory in rural Kenya to create jobs and alternatives to deforestation. They also allow consumers to compensate for their own emissions by purchasing carbon credits through the REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) program. These credits go toward projects that seek to reduce emissions, preserve the environment and aid impoverished communities.

For the first time, Wildlife Works’ carbon neutral apparel and carbon credits will be available on Facebook through Milyoni’s F-Commerce application. This allows Facebook users to spread awareness about the cause using familiar Facebook tools like the Newsfeed and will allow them to encourage their friends to get involved. Wildlife Works CEO Mike Korchinsky explained, “Offering out products within Facebook will exponentially expand our market, and more sales mean more rural African job creation–the essence of Wildlife Works’ conservation strategy.”

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