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At the Office

The Milyoni environment is always fast-paced and full of energy, but recently the energy level reached a new high. With last week’s release of Social Cinema 2.0 and the Big Lebowski, the entire Milyoni team worked tirelessly to put on the show. Somehow, despite the long hours, the office was still buzzing with excitement and there were still the usual bursts of laughter coming from John’s office.

Everyone had their own assignments, sitting side by side madly typing and clicking. But instead of solitary work, there seemed to be a steady flow of people in and out, exchanging papers or ideas.

By late afternoon just when our blood sugars were beginning to drop, there was an unmistakably, homey scent wafting from the kitchen. John had recruited some interns to bake chocolate chip cookies. Despite a burnt first batch, the team enjoyed some break-and-bake homemade cookies.

Everyone was in good spirits until the dreaded hat was passed around and a number was drawn for dish duty. All but one breathed a sigh of relief until next time.

Tuesday after the excitement of the launch, the team gathered in the conference room for a welcomed potluck lunch break. Good food and good people!

Our delicious feast!

Barry and Ami enjoying themselves

Manasi, Mike and Nisha

Margo, Milyoni Summer Intern

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