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So that’s what a paycheck looks like

April 2, 2010 Leave a comment

While the main focus of this blog is to educate, inform and even maybe entertain people on social media; specifically on how to engage in conversational commerce within social networks, this blog is also the story of a startup.

Milyoni started about 14 months ago, and yesterday we achieved a significant milestone. Yesterday was payday! For the first time in over a year, the hard-working team at Milyoni actually made payroll.

Back in the heady days of the dot-com startups – foosball, video games, and non stop pizza was a regular occurence, but in these post recession era it is all about heart, passion and commitment.

We have been blessed at Milyoni with great clients; Cowgirl Creamery (, Coco Delice Fine Chocolates ( and Equator Coffees and Teas ( have fed our bellies and our souls.  The Onion ( and Achewood ( have kept us entertained, and while I am not sure what we will do with the Compost Tea Machine, Growing Solutions ( is helping us keep our planet green. 

While you never know what is coming next, there is nothing better than getting paid to do what you love.

On to the next milestone… How about 1 million members in our merchant community?


From Coffee Talk to Chocolate Shop

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Peanut Butter Bonbons

Last Friday afternoon I met the proprietor of Coco Delice Fine Chocolates for a cup of coffee at our local shop. We discussed the future of commerce, the importance of having passionate customers and the subtleties of creating fine chocolate.

What rapidly became clear, was that facebook was the ideal place for this boutique company to build a community and share the secrets of their fabulous confections.

Like cognac and dark chocolate it was a match made in heaven, bringing their artisanal chocolate to facebook via a Milyoni ifanstore.

From our little coffee talk to launching a chocolate shop on Facebook took just 3 business days. Indulge in their tantalizing assortment, ( but don’t blame us if you break your diet, after all it just started with a cup of coffee.