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Milyoni announces the Instant Showcase and Multi-Media Promotions to its Facebook Store Application

August 4, 2010 Leave a comment

The leader in Social Commerce offers online merchants two new social merchandising tools to engage fans and facilitate purchase

Milyoni, Inc., the leader in Social Commerce, announces two new social merchandising tools in its popular Conversational Commerce™ solution.  The Instant Showcase allows users to conveniently purchase select products directly from the Facebook wall. The Multi-Media Promotions solution allows merchants to use audio and video promotions to engage fans and link them to their Facebook store.   Both products will help merchants convert their growing Facebook fan base into paying customers and viral promoters.

Milyoni has the largest Social Commerce Network of over 6.5 million fans, and over 30 merchants have selected Milyoni as their provider of Facebook Commerce including The NBA, The Onion, UFC, and John Elway. In addition to the iFanStore, which allows users to purchase products without ever leaving Facebook, Milyoni is providing merchants with an expanding suite of innovative social merchandising tools including Instant Showcase and Multi-Media Promotions.

The Instant Showcase allows merchants to select 3 to 5 products from their store catalog and post them to the wall of their fans on Facebook.  Users can flip through the product, select, and submit payment without ever leaving their wall. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to buy on Facebook. Instant Showcase is exclusively available from Milyoni and will be available for Milyoni merchants to deploy in September 2010.

“Through Milyoni’s Instant Showcase, we can highlight to our Facebook community a few of our wonderful, meaningful, artisan-made green jewelry and accessories” Said Rob Favole, CEO of Elegant Roots “Our fans need not leave the Wall to make a purchase. The conversation continues uninterrupted.”

Multi-Media Promotions give merchants the ability to create product posts on the wall of their fans on Facebook that include audio or video attachments.   Multi-Media Promotions allows users to link directly back to product or product categories and complete the purchase without ever leaving Facebook.  Multi-Media Promotions is exclusively available from Milyoni and is available now for Milyoni customers that purchase the Express Plus, Premium, or Enterprise Edition of the iFanStore.

“Conversational Commerce™ remains the most innovative Facebook app for merchants on the market” said David Raycroft, co-founder and VP of Product Management at Milyoni.  “Social Merchandising tools like Instant Showcase and Multi-Media Promotions will keep our customers on the forefront of Social Commerce.”

To learn more about Milyoni, Conversational Commerce™, or the latest innovations in Social Merchandising please visit us at or

About Milyoni

Milyoni, Inc., based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is the developer of a new Facebook app that marries social networking with ecommerce.   With over 500 million users and the number one destination on the web, Facebook offers a new opportunity to extend customer loyalty and increase revenue.   Milyoni has seized the opportunity by creating the first shopping cart that operates entirely within Facebook and enhanced it with features that makes shopping seamless to the social experience.  We call it Conversational Commerce® and it delivers the best ROI in social media.  Milyoni iFanStore and Social Merchandising tools reach over 6.5 million fans from several customers including the NBA, UFC, HBO, The Onion, John Elway, Equator Coffees, Cowgirl Creamery and more. Visit us at []


Top 10 Tweet Types

July 16, 2010 1 comment

140 characters doesn’t seem like much, but if you are tweeting on behalf of your company or brand, it can be difficult to come up with fresh content on a regular basis.

Here is our top 10 list of updates to mix and match to help drive high engagement and build followers.

    1. RT (ReTweets): This is a great way to build followers. Retweeting someone is a great way to get them to follow you.
    2. Quotes / Jokes: As long as they represent the brand and image you want to promote.
    3. Company info (new features, clients, etc.): After all, that why someone started to follow you in the first place.
    4. Articles: Newsletters and blogs can be a great source for industry information.
    5. Facts / Stats: Everybody loves a quick sound bite of a stat. These are the most frequently shared offline as well as online.
    6. Conversational @ replies: This builds the feeling of community and reminds your followers that there is a person behind the brand.
    7. Questions / Polls: Almost as reliable as stats for driving engagement and sharing.
    8. Favorites: Sometimes the best information has nothing to do with business. Sharing interests like music, charities, etc. also builds the personal connection.
    9. Giveaways / Special Offers: We have a winner, the number 1 way to attract new followers and drive high engagement/
    10. Customers / Clients / Partners: All great sources of content and retweets. You are following all of yours aren’t you?

      What are your favorite types of Tweets?

      Social Media Strategy Part III – Participation

      April 26, 2010 Leave a comment

      How do you measure fan engagement?  Or maybe the better question is “do” you measure fan engagement?

      The level to which your fans engage with your brand is a clear indicator of how effectively you are at using social media to promote your brand, your products and your messages.

      The number of comments, wall posts and likes all drive the “Passion Factor” that leads to strong customer engagement.

      This also helps to determine the type of content, the effectiveness of your voice and the relevance of your message.  Do your customers flock to funny videos, but miss your marketing messages?  Are the inspirational quotes from the CEO strongly retweeted, but your best 140 character discount offer dissipates into the twitterverse (or most likely the other way around).

      Understanding what resonates with your customers, fans and followers is critical to not only ensuring strong participation, but more importantly it inspires the viral promotion of your brand.

      We have found that there are 3 I’s that draw a million eyes eagerly and often:

      • Interest – the content you provide must be relevant to the fans you have attracted.  Context and timeliness are critical to keeping fans engaged.  If people have signed up to get discounts and special offers, they are not going to be impressed with polls and company pictures.
      • Integrity – the posts, content and messages must be sincere.  The quality of the content is critical.  When you post pictures use high quality artwork.  Provide links that encourage social activities and sharing.  Your customers have shown enough enthusiasm to follow your presence and that should be rewarded with respect and relevance.
      • Individuality – A voice, a spirit, a character that captures the essence of your purpose and your presence on Facebook, Twitter or any other member community in which you are engaged.  Social networks are people connecting with people, even when the people are a multi-billion dollar corporation, a local shop or anything in-between.

      There is nothing wrong with marketing your products, your brand and your company.  And when you do it with Interest, Integrity and Individuality you will create a passion factor that will keep your customers coming back for more.

      2009 a Social Year in Review

      December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

      Yup it is that time of the year where we look back and reminisce on the year that was, and in social what a year it was.

      In the last year:

      • Facebook grew from 150 million members to 350 million
      • Twitter grew from 6 million monthly users to over 18 million
      • and Milyon*i launched

      Milyoni started as a loosely formed concept, that if people are hanging out on Social Networks, (and they are, spending more time checking Facebook than reading email). Then as we progressed we learned that there is a lot more to this concept than meets the eye. As with all great ideas, the real magic is in the execution.

      Over the course of the last year, we learned:

      • That Social Networks are for, well, being social. Educate, entertain and inform and in the process sell generate some sales.
      • Your fans and followers are not just customers, they are your best, most loyal and loudest customers.
      • Take heed of what they are saying. Social Commerce is about the Conversation. Make your content engaging and your assortment relevant to encourage your fans.

      It has been a great year, goals have been set, goals have been exceeded and oh my goals have been changed, but the vision and the execution has never changed. To bring a new kind of commerce to the internet. Commerce that is Viral, Instant and Contextual. Mostly what we learned is that we are not delivering social commerce, we are inventing conversational commerce. -DR

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